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Insect Misting System

Have an insect free environment. Purchase The Bug Stomper Insect Misting System. We customize each system to fit your specific needs and layout. Our insect misting systems includes a one-year warranty.

Available in 30 or 55 gallon.

The Bug Stomper Refill

The Bug Stomper Refill Concentrate is a pyrethrin based formula that is used to refill the tank of the Automatic Insect Control System.  It has been proven effective on biting flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and a large variety of other insects.  This product may be applied as a fine spray mist to the stable area and around stabled horses or other livestock, as well as, around the home, for fast paralysis of flies and other insects.  Like all of The Bug Stomper products, The Bug Stomper Refill Concentrate contains the EPA registered, SAFE and EFFECTIVE, fast acting The Bug Stomper insecticide, made with natural, bio-degradable, water-based, pyrethrin, which kills mature insects and prevents the laying of their eggs. Because all our products are water based, there is no oily buildup or residue. The Bug Stomper Refill Concentrate is available in small quantities or by the case.


The intake filter should be replaced periodically. It is very important to keep filter clean of debris as this will help keep tips from clogging.


Our pumps are available in 140 gallons per hour. Pumps can be easily replaced by the customer.


Motors are available in a 1/3 horsepower and 1/2 horsepower. Motors can be easily replaced.


Timers are avilable in a Durable Analog or Digital with remote control or Digital without remote control.


Our replacement tips are compatible with most all Insect Misting System Nozzles. The tip is very easily replaced without having to take the complete nozzle assembly apart from the tubing.

Line T

If needed to branch tubing in a different direction.


Joins 2 pieces of tubing together.


Our full-length protective cover available in black or tan.


Our nylon tubing has 1000 pound burst pressure. It is available in a host of colors including clear, white, gray, stucco, brown, and black.


We have an assortment of nozzle styles and color.

Mini Nozzle

45-Degree Brass
45-Degree Nickel

Powder Coated Nozzles
Available in all colors

Straight Brass
Straight Nickel

Face Plate Nozzle
This nozzle can be used when tubing is concealed inside the soffitsof your new home construction.


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