Do you want to offer a way for others to enjoy the outdoors without the threat of pesky mosquitoes, spiders, and flies?  Bug Stomper automatic insect misting systems are a great way to expand your existing business or start a new business.  You not only improve your bottom line by selling a high demand, profitable product, you are also providing a much needed reprieve from the threat of the deadly Zika and West Nile Viruses for your customers, friends, and family.  The Bug Stomper offers an amazing automatic misting system that is easy to promote, install, and maintain.


We offer everything you need to get started. 

As a Bug Stomper distributor, we will lead you in the right direction with our experience.  When it comes to expert advice that can help make you successful in this fast growing industry, Bug Stomper has the experience, knowledge and references to make your company successful.

We are not a franchise company, we are the MANUFACTURER.  We do not require our distributors to pay any franchise fee or purchase large up front buy ins.  No minimum purchase necessary.

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